Most companies have hierarchical management structures. Typically, the more senior the  job title, the greater the level of responsibility and freedom that person has to make decisions that...
Data science looks for patterns in how employees interact with different pieces of information, how their behaviour changes with that knowledge and how the reception differs across platforms or...
If an internal comms professional from, say, 2004 were transported forward in time to an office today, what would they think? Our time-travelling colleague will spot some differences right away....
You’re likely to hear the phrase “say it in a tweet” as an encouragement to express something with few words, but a lot of meaning. The increase in the levels of communication an...
Workers are crying out for better learning opportunities, according to new research. While employees are keen to learn, many feel there is a lack of training that’s engaging and tailored for...
“I consider effective internal communication to be like a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones,” says Stefano Hesse, global head of internal communications at digital business...
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