Trust in business is transitive. The effects of high and low levels of internal trust can be far-reaching. If middle managers trust leaders, it’s likely that employees will trust managers. And if...
Annette Gevaert, head of growth, EMEA, Workplace The way we communicate in our personal lives has changed from five to ten years ago. While work remains email-driven, we’re probably not so much on...
Running an annual employee survey can be a bit of a slog for the internal comms team – there's all the prep and promotion beforehand, then you're rallying the stragglers who haven't completed...
“Islands of brilliance within a sea of mediocrity” – so said Drew McMillan, head of colleague communication and innovation at Virgin Trains, about the state of internal communications in the...
Working for an ideas agency, you’d think I’d have creativity sorted. But it’s tough striking the slippery balance between creativity and productivity. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big...
What is mindfulness? It’s a form of meditation. You sit somewhere you’re not going to be disturbed, and let your body settle into a natural state and place your attention on an object –...
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