An email to all staff. A sales presentation. A job interview. A chat by the water cooler. All pretty routine occurrences for an internal communications professional. But what if one or more of the...
All too often, organisational change starts with the leadership or project team “working out” the nature of the change and how it will be done. Only then do they tell people the answer. This...
Another month, another expose of the latest omnishambles. The Commons Select Committee summons senior executives to explain their actions. Meanwhile, personal and brand reputations...
Internal communicators often develop or inherit a vast collection of channels, many of which are out of date or barely used. If employees aren’t sure where to go for information, the result is...
The case for Lisa Riemers, freelance digital communications specialist Headphones and coffee – can, for me, be the difference between getting a tonne of planning, research and writing...
From an early age, my parents encouraged me to say yes to everything. They didn’t, of course, want me to take unnecessary risks, but they did want me to seize every opportunity that came my way. I...
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