Working for an ideas agency, you’d think I’d have creativity sorted. But it’s tough striking the slippery balance between creativity and productivity. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big...
What is mindfulness? It’s a form of meditation. You sit somewhere you’re not going to be disturbed, and let your body settle into a natural state and place your attention on an object –...
There are three elements leaders need to build trust. They need to be candid, they need to be inspirational and they need to be authentic. I am no expert, but having interacted with some great...
Redundancies are unavoidable on many organisations’ journeys, typically because a merger has created a surplus of roles or a company needs to become leaner to reduce costs. They are a necessity–...
The staff engagement survey is on a journey. Although the familiar annual tick-box format of evaluating employee opinion remains many organisations’ main method of establishing what is and isn’t...
Inspire with your vision and plan. It’s great having three founding directors [Gemma founded Synergy with Nicky Clark and Giles Hicks] as we can argue our case on subjects and vote on it. It keeps...
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