In March 2017, a French journalist named Judith Duportail asked dating app Tinder to send her all the personal data they had on her. Tinder agreed – as per their legal obligation – and sent her...
Awareness of workplace harassment is undergoing a long overdue domino effect. Each week, a new industry comes under the spotlight as victims, emboldened by witnessing others come forward, reveal...
We have all experienced periods of pressure and change in the workplace. These times can be testing and trigger stress and self-doubt in our ability to manage and deliver. The same sentiment...
Can you summarise user experience – or UX – into something short and snappy? The essence of UX is making a product that is easy to use, fits the user’s expectations, and also meets the...
I remember when internal communication was the poor spotty kid in the family of communicators. The good news: things have changed. Most organisations now understand the value and importance of...
How many charities do you think you can name? If pushed, you could probably come up with a list of 20, maybe 30 – for some of which you probably aren’t completely certain of the correct...
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