We’ve all heard the expression “The customer is king”. When you get your first job, you say yes to everything your client asks, sometimes to the detriment of the final output. In actuality,...
I’m not a big fan of policies, procedures, rules and bureaucracy. I understand that in some cases they are necessary, but, truthfully, I’m on the employee experience side of HR. How do we make...
Here’s a scenario you may be familiar with. Your organisation plans a major group-wide project that affects employees – let’s say it’s an engagement survey or a new self-assessment structure....
There are global organisations and then there is the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). With a presence in 167 countries, it outdistances most other businesses. But with great reach comes...
How early did you get on the creative path? As a kid, I liked art. Everything came under the banner of ‘art’. I didn’t consider illustration. Almost 20 years ago, I worked in an...
Where do you go for fresh ideas and perspectives to enhance business performance? Look no further than your own workforce. A wealth of collective experiences, alternative perspectives and creative...
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