Are you a talker or a listener? In an average day at the coalface of internal comms, what percentage of your time do you spend sending communications out, and how much time do you spend receiving,...
Aristotle talked about being a good citizen more than 2,000 years ago. It’s a basic principle that still applies today – and in the workplace more than ever before. Businesses are taking a...
Look across your organisation and you’ll likely see a shared interest in a sector or purpose that has brought you and your colleagues together. But your audience comprises different passions,...
We are entering a new phase of digital. We have been through the phase of the internet. Then we had the phase of mobile. Now it’s the phase of artificial intelligence and automation, which...
Most companies have hierarchical management structures. Typically, the more senior the  job title, the greater the level of responsibility and freedom that person has to make decisions that...
Data science looks for patterns in how employees interact with different pieces of information, how their behaviour changes with that knowledge and how the reception differs across platforms or...
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