At the recent Big Yak unconference, the subject of our changing role as internal communicators came up frequently; the implications of the new ways that people communicate and how we can use our...
As more and more companies invest in mobile apps, there’s one aspect of mobile that communicators are missing out on. The appreciation just isn’t there, but it absolutely should be. And...
If your company employs more than 250 people, 4 April 2018 will have been a date etched into your mind for some time. That was the deadline when you had to file data on the differences in...
Creating a culture where employees readily embrace innovative comms techniques involves training them to use the tools, and making sure stakeholders understand the business reason for introducing...
Borne out of a desire to unlock the potential for better internal communication and easier cross-divisional collaboration as part of a three-year business strategy, the Bank of England has...
Virtual reality (VR) is the older sibling in the immersive technologies family, which also includes augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) platforms. VR immerses a user completely within a...
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