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An immersive digital game is asking EY colleagues to consider their role in tackling future challenges.

7th July 2019

The game helps our people think about the small actions that can make or break trust.


Employees at EY in the UK and Ireland (UK&I) have stepped into another world to examine the role they play in the company’s strategy.

Having used board games and jigsaws in the past to start internal conversations around key business topics, the internal communication team wanted to go fully digital this year to discuss the 3Ts, its umbrella term for Technology, Talent and Trust. 

“Those are the big challenges and opportunities that face us and our clients,” says Gill Poloni, UK&I head of communications and engagement. “Gamification helps our partners and leaders talk with their people about their contribution to the 3Ts – as groups and individuals.”

Talent, technology and trust in a digital world

A collaboration between EY and internal comms and employee engagement experts scarlettabbott, the game is an immersive digital world. After a 90-second film, players enter a lobby and face three doors. Behind each, users play a game related to one of the Ts. The Talent game encourages players to look at how they can help themselves and others belong. The Technology room shows them real-life technologies and tools that could improve services and recommendations to clients. And in the Trust room, players are given seeds to grow by answering questions around work-based scenarios.

“We talk about how easy it is to lose trust,” says Gill, “but we are all doing little things every day that build trust with each other and with our clients. The game helps our people think about the small actions that can make or break trust.” 

The game launched this year at EY UK&I’s counselling family sessions – quarterly face-to-face meetings of around 20 employees, led by a partner or senior leader.

“It’s important to us that partners have those conversations in a fun and innovative way, using big screens,” explains Gill. “We didn’t want employees to play it on their own at home on their mobile phones – although there is the option to revisit the experience as an individual.”


Percentage of the 6,000 colleagues who have taken part in the 3T experience who agreed or strongly agreed that focusing on the 3Ts would give EY a competitive advantage.

A collaborative development

There was a tight production deadline: 14 weeks from appointing scarlettabbott to go-live – a schedule Gill says was only met thanks to solid partnerships.

“It takes time and focus to develop the right level of collaboration,” she says. “We had a great all-day workshop, which included everyone from design, brand, HR, IT, platform developers Vis Media and scarlettabbott. This was an incredibly helpful session to walk through every aspect of all three rooms to finesse what we were trying to do.”

The game and content was thoroughly sense-checked, explains Becky Chelin, head of client services for scarlettabbott:

“It’s easy to think you’re on the right track, but you can get too close to it to see where things aren’t quite right. We ended up changing a few ideas that didn’t fully land when we tested them with the EY audience. Our approach was based on collaboration, testing and refining to make sure the conversations we prompted in the game sessions hit the right outcomes.”

One consideration was how competitive to make the game.

“We didn’t do point-scoring in the Talent room, as that wouldn’t have been appropriate to the theme of belonging and collaboration,” says Gill. “But we know people like a competitive element, so we’ve included that in the Technology room. But there are no leaderboards. We don’t want to pit groups against each other.”

Launch and ongoing monitoring

The game launch was preceded by a teaser campaign with installations and giveaways. A dashboard built into the CMS of the 3T Experience will allow EY to monitor the data, review responses and ultimately measure the success of the project against colleagues’ understanding of the 3Ts and their importance to the future of the firm.

“Gamification is a significant investment in time and money, but it gets easier the more you do it,” says Gill, “not least because you’ve already built trust with the leadership team that something like that can work.”

The game helps our people think about the small actions that can make or break trust.


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